Benchtop Low Speed Centrifuge

◆ Economical: 3 types of rotors can be equipped on one instrument;

◆ Three types of rotors are available for conveniently use: Angle rotor, swing rotor for red blood cell washing, and swing rotor for micro-column gel test.

◆ Simple operation: 11 programs have built-in and another 30 programs can be set accordingly. Standard programs specialized for different tests of blood group serology, and more programs can be built in according to the customers requirements for normalization & standardization of clinical check and research.

◆  Accuracy of RCF: quickly start, prompt speed reaching and automatic braking.

◆  Wide application: It can be used for normal-test of blood group serology, red blood cell washing(easy tube washing)and micro-column gel test. Six joint tubes make operation simple and easy and the centrifugal time is greatly shortened for prompt determination of the result.


 Technical Parameters